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Before your shoulders go up around your ears-we’re not talking the “Ricky Gervaise-in-a-famous- Sitcom” kind of office event. Done well, staff engagement events and team building activities are proven to improve communication and loyalty, build trust and create a collaborative approach between your teams. Those happy people go out with happy thoughts saying happy things about your brand or business and as your army of brand advocates, a team who have been invested in, feel valued and supported make an investment in employee engagement a no brainer. When we’re asked to come up with a staff engagement event, we follow the same recipe when it comes to content:

1) Do something completely different.

Don’t stick to the same old type of event year on year-try mixing things up because when new, different, boundary pushing and even a bit out there, an event is more likely to generate interaction and chat amongst the team, give opportunities to encourage each other, share fears and laugh together! For example  great Company Meetings are a hybrid style event which include “the business end”-ideally with a twist like unexpected speakers or WOW production-great food and drink in an unusual venue, and fun, interactive activities which have no bearing on the business other than connecting people.

2) Get the boss in.

Giving your team lots of opportunity to engage with your business leadership and hear inspiring motivational messages from them is crucial. It’s a chance for leaders to recognise and reward employees, communicate their business objectives and generally “be there” for their teams showing they are not the invisible masses! Q & A’s, breakouts hosted by leaders and unexpected roles for leaders at the event-who knew your FD did a side gig in stand up? It challenges perception and breaks down barriers between “tiers”

3) Give the event legs!

Avoid hosting one great event that you all just forget and get on with your life! Try and retain the positivity and feel-good factor the experience generated by sharing on company socials, asking for feedback and meaning it, and think how the success of the event could be replicated every day-how can people better connect with others and humanize the workplace? Company bake-off, thought for the day at the end of the team meeting-fun facts over coffee?

Ask yourself, was it a success? If people are laughing, reminiscing, talking to someone they might never have  before, know a bit more about that new product, be showing empathy to another team, your work here…for today.. is done!

Still not convinced-here’s some facts to seal the deal!

A recent Forbes survey found that 66% of employees say they would quit their job if they felt under-appreciated.

To retain your workforce, employee engagement strategies and staff engagement events are vital. In fact, Harvard Business review said that “engaged employees need:

  • To feel part of a great team
  • Autonomy to do their jobs
  • Opportunities to learn and grow each day
  • Make a difference and have a direct impact on the business

AND a whopping 36% would rather reduce their annual salary by $5000 than not enjoy their work. If you’re looking for advice and ideas on how to create measurable Employee Engagement Events, we’d love to hear from you!

If you’re ready to kick off your next Staff Engagement Event, contact Four Corners for a free consultation.