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Engaging with Influencers can have a huge impact on your brand profile. So how do you make sure you create a truly unforgettable Influencer trip that has your guests posting at every turn? Here are our top tips for success!

1) Plan to the death!

What’s that famous saying-fail to plan, plan to fail? That about sums it up. Start with a blank piece of paper because cookie cutter programmes just don’t cut it in today’s marketplace. What do you want to achieve-content there and then? Content with legs? Photos or film? Blog or Vlog? Draw on all your contacts within your business-who follows who. Who’s part of a relevant online community that you can tap into?

2) Yawn…but Research

It’s definitely not the sexy bit, but like any PR event, research is the bread and butter stuff-for event management companies too. Set a criteria for your ideal attendee, and look for Bloggers and Influencers who meet it. We’ve found it’s not just about the number of followers or highest web traffic-an influencer might have access to your top 10 customers so it’s not just a numbers game.

3) Make friends-and work at keeping them.

You’re likely to be a sociable person if you’re in the media game and without it sounding obvious don’t forget to socialize! Connecting regularly and in a fun, but authentic way starts to build your list of connections who are warm to you. It means you’ll know what will appeal to them and what won’t and if you have a great relationship with an influencer they’re likely to produce some really good content because they’ve really got under the skin of your brand; plus they’ll retweet, share and like to their wider audience.

4) Go WOW!

If you’re lucky enough to be working with an event management company  on your PR events and trips, brief them in as soon as you can and ask them to go bold! They’ll often know the newest/most exciting/authentic/brand relevant things to do and see and go so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries-Influencers and media in general are invited to things all the time, so think about what will grab their attention? What will make you & your brand utterly irresistible?

5) Keep connected….constantly.

It might sound obvious but make sure that all locations, activities & restaurants have fantastic wi-fi connection. It’s a deal breaker for influencers to be wowed by all your fantastic ideas and not be able to post easily about them!

6) Don’t forget the downtime.

It’s tempting to pack an itinerary with 20 fabulous things but your guests are likely well-traveled, independent souls-try and build in downtime for them to reflect, write, post and soak up an amazing place. The feel-good factor (and not feeling exhausted all of the time!) goes a long way to guests feeling positive about your brand or product.

If you’re still unsure where to start drop a message and our PR events team will help you come up with an event solution that really works.

Brief us on your next Influencer trip.