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Are you frustrated that retaining, motivating and communicating with your team has become that bit more difficult since hybrid working?

Whether you want to push a new sales strategy or reward your team for going that extra mile, nothing beats a face to face connection: an unforgettable company meeting, or once in a lifetime incentive reward programme, has the power to permanently change behaviour, boost productivity and make work a place everyone wants to be.

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Is it really worth investing in an Employee Engagement Event?

Without a doubt.  Research by Dale Carnegie showed that engaged employees outperform others by a whopping 202%! A study by Gallup revealed that connected teams are 21% more productive. Events are a proven way to inspire, motivate and engage with your team-all at once! They are a fantastic way of communicating a new strategy, getting your team on brand and on message and as an integral part of a staff engagement strategy, events produce big bang for your buck in terms of generating positive workplace culture, and instilling loyalty.

What makes a great Employee Engagement Event?

If you’re racking your brains on what to do in terms of an event to improve staff engagement, a great starting point is to focus on getting your team doing something a bit unexpected; whether it’s a WOW venue they wouldn’t have chance to normally see, an activity that pushes the boundaries, or a trip that unlocks a new destination or experience-something surprising always gets people talking to each other and generates that feel good factor towards your business. Avoid the temptation to make it hugely corporate-long presentations and stuffy conference rooms are a no-no. Ask your corporate event planner to suggest exciting, engaging ways of sharing information with your team as part of your brief and you can guarantee more people will remember what was said! Make sure there’s plenty of time to socialise-people often shudder at the term “team-building” but with an itinerary that provides plenty of opportunity to casually get together, you’ll achieve much more without turning people off.

How can a corporate event management company help me with my employee engagement?

A corporate event management company worth their salt will become your partner-they will work hand in hand with you to ensure that no event works in isolation, rather it supports and enhances your other staff engagement activities. By coming up with creative ideas, they will make sure your events are fresh and that they generate a sense of anticipation each year with your employees-a fantastic event goes far beyond a day ior night-it can have people engaged and inspired for months to come. By taking on the heavy lifting of planning, logistics, production and travel, your corporate event planners free you up to network, inspire and get to the heart of your team’s concerns.

What should I look for when looking for a corporate event management company to deliver my company events?

Look for a corporate event management company who gets to the heart of your brief-a good agency will be asking you lots of questions about your objectives, they’ll ask about your client base, your culture, how you want to be perceived. Creativity, a delivery focus and enthusiasm is key-great ideas & slick delivery keep people engaged. And most importantly, do you like them? Events are high pressure and visible so it’s crucial that you’re working with someone you know will deliver but that you actually enjoy working with!

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Our event management services offer a 360 solution for brands looking to activate the people who matter most to them.

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A brilliant conference. Professional, slick and engaging...not an easy task when dealing with 200+ attendees!

McCarthy StoneChief Commercial Officer

Brilliant! The Four Corners team could not have done more to help, excellent at their job. I would highly recommend them for future events.

Automotive ClientPR & Event Director

Four Corners delved deep into their black book of contacts to create a once in a lifetime experience for our winners.

BBC WorldwideCommunications Officer

Four Corners immersed themselves into our brand to deliver a truly groundbreaking experience.

Global Beauty ClientBrand Manager

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Four Corners immersed themselves into our brand to deliver a truly groundbreaking experience.

Global Beauty ClientBrand Manager

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