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Knocking it out of the park with Production can be scary. It’s the unsung hero of events-but get it wrong and it can be an epic fail. Celeb on stage with no sound, using the wrong name for your CEO, autocue not working-the opportunities for Production not to work are plenty and it’s easy to head for the ropes.

Without exception, it pays to work with a professional event company on this one because Production is so visible it can be damaging to your brand when it’s not done right. Before you employ the services of an event management company remember not all event management companies are equal. Some are better at logistics and planning, others don’t have a production arm and others don’t cover design some are creative, others less so. Do your research. For example, at Four Corners we offer a 360 service-basically we do the whole lot, so you don’t have to.

We have an amazing production team steeped in experience and our approach is to make sure that production is not seen in isolation. Production, staging, set design, content development and AV all work hand in hand and should be delivered cohesively.

Our top tips for amazing results are:

  • Make sure your event agency is a full-service agency with a raft of event management services to offer you,
  • Bring them in early so Production is involved right from event conception.
  • Avoid cutting corners: venues sometimes have their own in-house AV and it can be appealing-it initially seems cheaper and because production can feel budget heavy, it’s tempting. But be wary- because they don’t know you and it’s a one off event, an in house team is less invested in your brand; you likely won’t get to meet the same AV contact every time and they’re not always on site which makes planning, getting creative and site visits hard. Kit quality and variety can be varied meaning the outcomes are limited.
  • Before contracting a venue, find a production partner you trust and like that can provide you with support beyond what the in-house company can. They’ll be your team-mate, help you with negotiations, help you understand what of the venues kit you can use to save you money and even find alternative solutions, so you don’t have to settle.

Looking for some Production advice? Get in touch with one of our team.