The challenge

Our client set us the challenge to help them stand apart from the competition as they launched their new flagship Cruiseliner. They wanted to find a way to bring the Caribbean to London, bringing hundreds of influential journalists and influencers together for a fully immersive experience in a creative location.

Our strategy to success

How we did it

We transformed a blank white canvas space into an immersive Caribbean experience for one night only! We created a real-life beach, built a tropical golf course, installed a Caribbean Avenue, complete with beach shacks, cocktail bars, and giant tropical sweetie wall which highlighted the “pick n’mix” theme of their cruise holidays.

A funky steel band played 90s house classics and the room was awash with palm trees, tropicana and wildlife. Celebrity chef demos, a DJ set by Trevor Nelson and an edgy post party dance DJ and the stage was set to create an unforgettable immersive event to maximise media coverage.

Extraordinary events. Happy people. Outstanding impact.