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Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to keep your staff? 90% of UK employees are disengaged from their job and are either quiet or loud quitting * see Gallups report

When asked what employers could do to improve the workplace, 85% said it was about:

  • Engagement,
  • Culture, pay & benefits,
  • Wellbeing and work/life balance.
  • Near top of their wish-list was being recognised for their contributions.

Isn’t it time we all got proactive instead of reactive when it comes to staff engagement and reward?

Here are our 3 favorite staff engagement event ideas along with why you absolutely need to do them to stop the quitting in its tracks!

  1. European “VIP Access” Incentive Travel trip

Typically considered a “VIP access” event, top performers are invited to experience a luxury hotel or resort, WOW, in-the-know itineraries, white-glove service, and networking opportunities that reward and connect teams. Our best performing destinations are:

Mallorca, Ibiza and the Greek islands-not too far, some great properties and just the right amount of sex appeal. All three boast a heap of 5-star properties and WOW experiences from Yachting to Vineyard Safaris.

2. UK Team building events with a twist.

Forget excruciating “tell us something others might not know about you” sessions in a crusty conference centre-there’s so much more on offer and you don’t have to get on a plane to get it. We’ve done team “Cook your Catch” experiences with fishing & Beach BBQs off the Dorset Coast; another favorite has been a Sailing Regatta-competitive, encourages team spirit and gives everyone something to talk about!

3. WOW Kick off Conferences & Product Deep Dives

We’re all agreed that Teams Meetings have their limitations. As an event management agency, of course, we’d say nothing beats bringing people together under one roof but….. it really is! Nothing beats face to face for building better relationships and spreading a company wide culture. We specialize in non-cookie cutter conferences and prefer to layer the experience for guests using everything from immersive product demos to the newest AV technologies and Production design to bring presentations to life. Edgy content and format will keep you ahead of competitors who might be fishing for your employees!

Food for thought?

As an events agency we get asked to partner with HR and Sales Directors on everything from money-can’t-buy incentive travel programmes to Sales Kick off Conferences and we see time and again the added value those activities bring for businesses in helping to boost sales and retain their staff. If you feel like you’ve been missing a trick, then get in touch and we’d love to help you. Call us on T: +44 (0) 1525 611970
M: +44 (0) 7885 608165 Email: